Tyre dumping across the village

There have been a number of incidents where a large number of car and lorry tyres have been dumped in car parks across the village.  

The Trust are tackling this on three fronts, none of which is straightforward:

1.  We are arranging for tyres in garage areas to be moved so that garages can be accessed.  The main problem here is finding a reputable contractor who can deal with the tyres as they have to be disposed of properly.  There is currently a backlog sending UK tyres abroad for disposal and tyre disposal companies are not accepting tyres.  This might explain why they have been dumped here illegally.

2.  we are trying to identify and prosecute those responsible.  Hopefully we will be able to recover all of our costs.  Residents can help by reporting anything they see to the police and copy the report to the Trust for our records. 

3.  We are looking at measures to prevent this happening again.  This is not easy as there are a number of car parks across the village that residents have access to. 

We will post progress on this website and on twitter and facebook. 

EIVT Board of Trustees.