The Trustees


All Trustees have publicly stated that they have no intention of profiting or using their position as trustee for personal gain.  They pledge to serve in the spirit of volunteering for the good of the Island. There are eleven positions on the Board of Trustees.

Trustees can only serve for up to four years (two terms) before having to step down; they can be re-appointed after a break of at least a year.

Find out more about the role of a trustee. If you would like to volunteer as a trustee, we would love to hear from you.

Elected Trustees

Ben Perrott

Karen Rowntree

Laraine Hodgson (Chair)

Sam Coleman (Vice-chair)

Vincent Green

Appointed Trustees

Two Vacancies

Co-opted Trustees

Two Vacancies

Nominated Trustees

Jacqui Bainbridge – Christian Action Housing representative

Vacant – Enfield Borough Council representative