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Trustee Profiles


All Trustees have publicly stated that they have no intention of profiting or using their position as trustee for personal gain.  They pledge to serve in the spirit of volunteering for the good of the Island. There are eleven positions on the Board of Trustees.

Elected Trustees

Ben Perrott

Karen Rowntree

I have lived on Enfield Island Village since the early days of the development. I was first attracted to live here by the open spaces, as it felt miles away from the bustle of London, even though it is very quick to get back into Central London. I have two children and am a teacher at a local primary school, so want to be involved in making the Island better for my own children and the other children in the area. Enfield Island Village has so many areas to enjoy and so much to offer local residents.

Laraine Hodgson (Chair)

Sam Coleman (Vice-chair)

Vincent Green

Appointed Trustees

Mark Novak

One Vacancy

Co-opted Trustees

Two Vacancies

Nominated Trustees

Vacant – Christian Action Housing representative

Vacant – Enfield Borough Council representative