Our Plans

We care because we live here

We were elected as Trustees because we want to make the Island a better place to live. We have developed this action plan because we believe in the proper management and future of our island:


Long term Plan Safety Environment Community Communication Governance
We will commission a qualified surveyor to prepare a fully costed survey of the Island’s assets.
The survey will form the basis of:
We will commission a safety audit of the islands parks and facilities.
The review will include:
We will improve our living environment from day 1.
The green areas will be something we can be truly proud of and a beautiful area where our children can play.
We will place the Trust at the heart of the community. We will work with the local authority to win back the grant funding that has been lost. We will open up the running of the trust to the residents. We will be transparent in our dealings and make sure that the residents know what we are doing and why we are doing it. We will work with the Charity Commission to repair the governance of the trust and ensure that the governing documents and rules are fit for purpose.
✓ Long term comprehensive maintenance plan with schedule of maintenance, repairs and replacements ✓ Children’s playgrounds, to ensure that they are maintained and safe ✓ Cleaning and litter picking will be improved ✓ Clubs that are important to the lives of our residents: Job club, numeracy and literacy, coffee mornings ✓ Monthly management meetings open to the residents ✓ We will adopt Charity Commission guidance on running an effective organisation
✓ Long term financial plan to plan income, expenditure and reserves ✓ Canals, to ensure that trees and plants are maintained and safety equipment is functioning properly ✓ Fly tipping: in addition to improving collection of dumped items we will introduce preventative measures ✓ Education programmes that support Islanders ✓ A public residents forum ✓ Trustee recruitment and training: we will ensure that the right people are appointed and supported
✓ Detailed budget plan to show what the Trust will spend each year and how the rent charge is being used ✓ Footpaths, to ensure that lighting is adequate and surfacing is maintained ✓ Landscaping, to ensure that soft and hard landscape areas are properly maintained ✓ Events such as the popular farmers markets and Christmas fairs ✓ Improved website and newsletter ✓ Financial procedures: we will ensure that expenditure is correctly authorised and contracts are properly tendered