The Trust

What is Enfield Island Village Trust (EIVT)?

EIVT is a charity that was formed from the former Enfield Island Village Residents Association Ltd (EIVRAL).

EIVT has two main purposes:

  1. To manage the common areas on behalf of the residents of Enfield Island Village.  Common areas include: Open parkways, playgrounds, the ecology area, the ornamental canal, unadopted roads and pathways and street lighting on non-adopted areas.  This is funded from a Deed of Rent Charge.
  2. To manage the community centre and community events such as job club, IT classes, cookery courses, literacy classes.   This is funded by charitable grants from London Borough of Enfield and other sources like Lottery funding.

The Trust is managed by a Board of up to 11 Trustees comprising:

  • 5 elected Trustees.  Trustees must be members of the Trust and elected by the membership.  At least 3 trustees must be permanent residents of EIV.
  • 2 nominated Trustees:
    • 1 from Enfield Borough Council and
    • 1 from Christian Action Housing Association
  • 2 Trustees appointed by the board of Trustees from the residents of EIV
  •  2 co-opted Trustees.

The Trustees have the power to directly manage the Island’s affairs or employ a management agent (company) to manage EIV on the residents’ behalf.  The current managing agent is Rendall and Rittner.

A common area that is maintained by EIVT

Being a member of the charity

All those who own a leasehold or freehold residential property on the Island are entitled to become members and participate in elections to the Board of Trustees.  Trustees serve for 2 years before being eligible for re-election.

What is the rent charge?

The Deed of Rent Charge is a payment required from all leaseholders and freeholders on the Island. This money is used to maintain the Island’s infrastructure.